KTE Updates – Hybrid Galvanizing Furnace


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KTE Updates - Hybrid Galvanizing Furnace 

Kingfield Technologies & Equipment (KTE) is committed to continuous improvement. This has been our hallmark for more than 35 years.

Our customers benefit from our knowledge, creativity, commitment to the industry and investment in Research and Development.
KTE offers the best available technology to ensure our customer have access, not only the latest in technology, but technology which actively improves  productivity, continuously informs about plant status whilst  reducing the carbon footprint as we all work towards achieving Zero CO2 Emissions.
Hybrid Galvanizing Furnace

With our foresight and commitment, the KTE team has been working hard behind the scenes to bring some very exciting news about a major furnace development.

We believe this is a first and therefore we are extremely proud and excited to announce our Hybrid Galvanizing Furnace.
KTE’s engineering enables our customers to use energy from renewable sources which now includes alternative fuel sources such as Green Hydrogen.

Our Hybrid Furnace Technology (HFT) operates seamlessly with Electricity and Gas (Natural Gas / Hydrogen).

Please contact Greg Purtle, Technical Director at Kingfield Technologies & Equipment if you would like more information on the Hybrid Galvanizing Furnace.

A Green Initiative from Kingfield Technologies & Equipment
Proudly Australian Made & Owned

 If you would like further information about this project or our other capabilities please email our Director of Sales, Geoff Lisle  greg@kingfieldequipment.com.au

KTE Updates - Hybrid Galvanizing Furnace