KTE uses the most up to date technology, research and development facilities and offers a comprehensive range of equipment covering all aspects of the galvanizing process.

Remote Monitoring & System Control

KTE’s proprietary advanced management systems enable customers to monitor and manage systems either whilst at the plant, at home or travelling. This also enables KTE’s engineering and support staff to review performance, identify required setting modifications and to adjust without (often) the need for a site visit.

  • Fully integrated remote monitoring and control
  • Available on desktop and portable devices
  • Client and provider access
  • Peace of mind with real time system information

Kingfield provides the world’s leading combustion system.

100% Australian designed and manufactured
Fuel efficient combustion system
Advanced Insulation system minimises heat loss.
Efficient burners allow minimal number of burners and reduced components and maintenance
Chamber pressure and temperature sensors
Supplied pre-assembled for rapid installation
On-site commissioning and testing
Modular construction enabling kettle size change
Extended furnace life – more than 20 years – without major refit
High velocity stealth combustion systems
Reversible/change of direction combustion system to increase kettle life.
Turbo Heat boost function
3 term PID control system for zinc and flue temperature control
Optimised thermal efficiency and heat transfer
Finite temperature control technology
Gas, diesel or electrical heating systems
Furnace fume enclosures
Advanced safety systems
Waste heat recovery of furnace flue gases
(Air to air / Air to water)
Options include:
Leak detection systems
Auto heat up
External Thermocouple
PLC Control
Exhaust damper
Low NOx and CO Burners
Hybrid Furnace – We currently have several combinations of plug and play features dependent upon the customer’s requirements, available energy and energy source.

With green electricity produced from solar, wind or hydro power and now combining green hydrogen, our hybrid furnace design offers both electric & hydrogen fuel. We have a furnace design to encompass many variations and combinations. As an example a furnace which heats from green electric power through the day and then heated by green Hydrogen during the night! All this fully automated, monitored and controlled via our remote access Industry 4 digitalisation.

Reclaimer King Metal Reclaimer Furnace

The Reclaimer King Furnace is designed to reclaim zinc metal from the residual ash that is created during the hot dip galvanizing process.

Zinc metal is entrapped in the floating ash created by the galvanizing process. The ash is skimmed from the galvanizing bath and loaded directly into the specially fabricated barrels. The barrels are then transferred to the reclaimer for processing.

The furnace is fired by LPG, Natural Gas or Diesel fuel with two thermocouples to monitor and control the heating cycle.

When the melt has attained the desired temperature the drum rotation is stopped, the pour hole door is opened and the drum rotated to pour the molten zinc out at a controlled flow rate into the mould via the pouring spout located in the bottom section of the furnace. The zinc is then ready to be placed back into the galvanizing bath. The remaining ash can then be sold at a commercial percentage of the daily LME rate.

  • 100% Australian design, manufacture and workshop testing
  • Portable multi fuel furnace
  • 450kg per load
  • Multi-stage pneumatic positioning system for safe loading and operation
  • Easy flow conveyor pouring system

Encapsulated Pre-treatment Rooms and Pre-treatment Tanks

Of critical importance in a successful galvanizing operation is the pre-treatment processing. Appropriate chemicals and cleaning processes are critical in the provision of consistent high quality steel cleaning and treatment. KTE can supply FGR lined steel tanks and synthetic polyethylene and polypropylene tanks

Correct equipment is vital for:

  • Degreasing
  • Acidic degreasing
  • Pickling
  • Rinsing
  • Fluxing

Galvanizing Kettles

KTE has been partnering with W.Pilling Riepe GmbH & Co. KG  for more than 20 years as both companies recognise each other as the best in the industry.

Pilling galvanizing kettles are produced exclusively at their factory in Riepe, Germany.

Pilling provides the very best kettles with wall thicknesses of up to 80 mm. There are very few restrictions on the dimensions, shapes and weights of the components.

Pilling’s entire production is designed to minimize the introduction of mechanical stresses into the kettle material. For this purpose, all deformations on the sheet metal are carried out when warm. In addition, the Pilling’s electroslag welding process, which uses only one layer to weld the entire thickness of the kettle, results in a very uniform temperature input.

Pilling Galvanizing kettles:

  • 100 years experience
  • Made to German quality standards
  • Best quality materials and production technologies
  • Proven to be the most reliable
Dryers and Heat Exchangers


KTE’s dryers and heat exchangers are designed for the challenges of galvanizing plants and are engineered to suit the design and operations for each specific plant.


  • Minimise zinc splash
    • Reduces zinc waste/cost
    • Provides safer operating environment
  • Reduces ash
  • Reduces fumes
  • Improves quality of output
  • Improves productivity

Heat Exchangers:

  • Uses excess heat from the furnace to heat the dryer.
  • Heated air passes through the specially designed stainless steel pipes and helps to heat the dryer
Fume Enclosures

Fume extraction systems are an essential safety and environmental measure for many Galvanizing plants. Effective extraction both for smoke and fumes is vital for worker safety and for optimum productivity.

Fume Enclosures:

  • Capture up to 95% of kettle fumes
  • Improve operator safety
  • Include:
    • Push button electrically operated doors
    • Internal lighting
    • PLC controlled panels

Bag filters enable the fumes collected in the fume enclosure to be filtered through the bag filter thereby improving emissions and reducing environmental impacts.

The filter system works on Reversible Jet Pulse and uses Polypropylene filter bags.

Noise levels are 75Db at a distance of 1000mm from the unit.


The incorporation of a flux treatment system to maintain the chemical balance of the solution will result in significant benefits.

A correct and well balanced system will:

  • Reduce surface ash
  • Reduce dross
  • Reduce zinc consumption
  • Minimise fumes
  • Improve quality of galvanizing
  • Significantly reduce cook off times in the galvanizing process
  • Minimise zinc reaction whilst immersing steel in molten metal
Spinners and centrifugal galvanizing systems

Spinners for use with standard furnaces to enable the galvanizing of smaller parts. Manual through to fully automatic centrifugal lines for high capacity galvanizing of smaller parts without impacting the productivity of the main galvanizing line.

Lifting and lowering stations
Conveyers and Trolleys
Fume Scrubbers