We understand what it takes to operate a successful galvanizing plant. Plant performance is determined from factors including, plant layout, equipment selection, technical knowledge & much more.

We understand these factors and ensure all elements are factored into the project and operational planning. We also provide on-going support to help ensure the plant achieves the objectives initially established for it.


Hunter Galvanizing Plant 1 Upgrade

After 19 years of service, Hunter Galvanizing Renewed their current galvanizing furnace to a new Modupulse Velocity™ galvanizing furnace.

With these upgrade kettle corrosion and gas usage was of high importance in which Kingfield Targeted there design towards improving along with more important elements.


Through new firing technology, Hunter Galvanizing is saving approximately 25% of there gas bill prior to the new furnace upgrade whilst production never relies on the zinc temperature due to the PLC technology.  


FERO GROUP (DSI UNDERGROUND) Brisbane- Spin Furnace Upgrade

December 2021- Kingfield Supplied a 2 Burners Hot Dip Galvanizing Furnace custom designed to replaced FERO Groups existing spin furnace.

By Integrating our Modupulse Velocity™ control system with a new furnace upgrade the customer has significantly increased kettle throughput whilst decreasing energy use by 35%.

Kettle wear will now be significantly reduced due to the Modupulse Velocity™ firing system.


Valmont Coatings Minto- March 2023

From the original commissioning date in 2007, Valmont- Minto AKA, Ingal Civil Products gave there pre-treatment room a new lease on life with new lining upgrades of there pre-treatment room. Focusing on the environment and clean air, Kingfield relined the whole room, including replacement of walkways, windows, suction fans and ducting. The upgrades mean a cleaner working environment for staff and cleaner future by using auxiliary equipment for fumes.


Perry Galvanizing- New Zealand- Kettle change out- Christmas 2022/23

Perry Metal Protection Hamilton & Auckland Kettle Replacements 👀
After 11 years of service Kingfield was contacted by Perry Metal Protection (New Zealand) for assistance in the changing of galvanizing kettles in Hamilton and Auckland. From Zinc Pumping to expertise in kettle removal and furnace retrofitting we assisted in every way possible over our Christmas/ New year period.
We thank Steve Halse & Angela Williams for your trust in us and we wish you another great 10+ years using your Kingfield Furnace and New galvanizing kettle from W.Pilling Riepe 🙌🏽#galvanizing #zincpump


Turn Key Solutions

KTE can offer a complete Turn-Key plant design solution. Every plant is unique and is specifically designed to meet the requirements of our clients. We can oversee the entire project or specific elements of it.

Backed with many years of operational experience in the galvanizing industry, KTE has the expertise to deliver the most efficient and effective solutions.

We work closely with our clients, keeping them updated and informed through every stage of the process – from concept, to start up and beyond.

Project Management

We can manage all or any part of the project. We utilise the latest systems to ensure we effectively manage the project from inception to completion and beyond.

  • Complete project management service
  • Client support with clear communication
  • Documented project plans
  • Project updates & meetings
  • Site visits
  • Liaising with external contractors and suppliers


The ultimate success of any project is determined by the meticulous planning process. Because our team has been involved in so many successful projects we have the knowledge and experience as the foundation for a successfully planned project.

  • Product specifications
  • Production throughput
  • Plant sizing
  • Materials handling requirements
  • Environmental impact studies
  • Utility analysis


KTE offers a complete start to finish consultancy and design service. From site layout to complete materials handling. Utilising decades of experience and the latest design tools KTE provides the complete package:

  • Latest 2D / 3D CAD software/ Finite Element Analysis
  • Mechanical and electrical engineering
  • Realtime materials handling simulation
  • Handling and flow requirements
  • Fully engineered drawings and documentation to Australian standards

Site Layout

Every site offers different opportunities and challenges. KTE has the team with the knowledge and experience to assess the best layout to minimise establishment costs whilst maximising operating efficiency and profitability.

  • Custom plant design
  • Initial conceptual layout
  • 2 D and 3D plant layout with all equipment placed in position.
  • Plans, elevations and section views
  • Final detailed engineering drawings



Selection and placement of equipment that will meet the long-term requirements of the client and which fit the initial budget requirements is a critical service provided by KTE.

KTE designs and installs a wide range of equipment according to operational requirements and budget. These plants may range from lower cost, manual systems, to semi-automated systems and through to state of the art fully automated high budget systems.

With energy demands, environmental factors and occupational health and safety standards playing an ever-increasing role, KTE’s knowledge of environmental requirements, galvanizing operations and available equipment to minimise energy consumption and emissions can ensure the designed outcome can meet the long-term needs of our clients.

In addition to designing into the plant the KTE manufactured Furnaces, Control Panels, Heat Exchangers and Metal Recyclers KTE have strong relationships with all of the industry’s well known, leading suppliers and can bring together all of the components required in a cohesive package.

Installation & Commissioning

  • Industry experienced, fully trained and accredited installation teams
  • Qualified gas & electrical technicians
  • Functional acceptance testing of all equipment prior to delivery
  • Pre commissioning checks
  • Infinite tuning of combustion system for efficiency and production
  • Complete combustion analysis
  • Supporting documentation and manuals

Service, Support & Training

Routine service and maintenance

24/7 technical phone support

System operation and galvanizing process training