Case Studies

Kingfield Technologies and Equipment has vast experience in not only supplying equipment and services but in helping clients solve problems. Our Research and Development activities have been consistent over many years enabling us to provide solutions which are industry leading. We often solve problems in the industry, for the industry,  without being specifically asked as we enjoy finding better ways to do things. We are always thinking about how we can make things better, more efficient, more cost effective, more sustainable and more energy responsible. We have welcomed the support of the Australian Government in our R&D activities.

Summarised below are just a couple of case studies.   

Case Studies

Case Study 1

Case Study – Gas Saving Technology and Increased Output

Problem:     Traditional furnace design has high gas consumption with lower than optimal production output.

This was due to the design of the furnace insulation,  combustion design, burner selection, quantity of burners and burner control. The rate of gas consumed per tonne of galvanizing appeared high.

Challenge:   To design and supply an Australian built furnace to not only improve gas consumption but to also improve output (tonnes galvanized per hour).   

Solution:       After years of R&D, Kingfield Technologies & Equipment has developed a unique multi-laminated insulation system to give the best R value rating possible and to ensure cold face (casing outer surface) temperature does not exceed 45 ˚C.

In conjunction with our improved insulation, we have engineered a combustion system to ensure optimum efficiency of our high velocity pulse fired burners using enhanced 3-term PID for finite control for both the zinc and flue temperature.  

In conjunction with increased efficiencies of the insulation, we have further designed full electrical and mechanical control of the combustion air (when burners are sequenced off) and flue gate to control furnace back pressure ensuring heating efficiencies are dramatically increased.

Outcome:     The rewards to our customer are:

  • 25% decrease in gas consumption 
  • increased capacity in hourly tonnage from 10 m/t to 27 m/t.

Case Study 2

Case Study – Concrete to Galvanized Steel Conversion

Problem:    A shortage of concrete in Indonesia has necessitated looking into new ways to build overhead freeways and overpasses. The customer proposed to the Indonesian Government a newly designed steel girder for overhead freeway structures which would be Hot Dip Galvanized. In addition to overcoming concrete shortages this design would reduce freeway build times as the girders would be transported to site and easily erected. 


    1. The ability for the Client to galvanize 70 Tonnes per hour of bridge girders across 3 galvanizing furnaces,
    2. How to prevent distortion of the 15m Mild Steel plate when galvanized
    3. Masking joins for welding in order to make 60m Box girder sections- then applying cold galvanized solution which would last the time of the road/ overpass



    1.  Installation of 2 x 17.5m furnaces side by side with a capacity of 675 Tonnes of Molten Zinc Each- Total galvanizing Facility- 1850 M/Tonne of Molten zinc
    2. Planning schedules of galvanizing to ensure each unique item for the girder was dipped at the correct temperatures without losing required temperature between dips – furnace efficiency
    3. Expertise of galvanizing large items in kettles, incorporating stiffener beams/ plates etc.
    4. Supply & Installation of German Built and Designed Hoists which enabled reliability with 13 tonne dips
    5. Supply of automatic grinding machines to clean welding joints – improving turn around from galvanizers to site


80km of raised freeway – 6 lanes wide supported by HDG Steel

    Case Studies