Operations & Production Services

Installation is only the beginning of the plant success story. On-going monitoring, maintenance and service are critical to long term success. We provide a range of services to ensure our client’s galvanizing plants are able to maintain production and productivity and to be operated at maximum profitability for the long term.

Operations and Production Services

Process Training

KTE offers Process Training to all of our customers. Our hands-on knowledge is handed down to the trainees to ensure full understanding is obtained for the long-term benefit of the company.

Operations Consulting

Combined with the process training, KTE offers Operations Consulting to customers who require solutions that may be impacting your business such as:


  • Quality
  • Chemical Analysis
  • Zinc Analysis
  • Materials Handling
  • Though Put
  • Fuel Efficiency

Service and Support

KTE provides a range of services and products to ensure our client’s galvanizing plants can operate at maximum profitability in the long term. Whether it be a contracted preventative maintenance program, ad hoc servicing, emergency help , or industry best chemicals, KTE supports clients to maintain production and productivity.

KTE utilises skilled and experienced staff to offer to its clients a customised, programmed preventative maintenance service.

This service provides vital commercial benefits by:

  • Minimising equipment downtime and production losses
  • Minimising safety hazards
  • Maximising efficiency and productivity of the furnace
  • Maximising asset productive life
  • Decreasing costs of replacement parts
  • Reducing the costs associated with “emergency” repair and maintenance

The KTE Programmed Maintenance Service (KTEPMS) has been designed to regularly analyse all major operational and production components and will incorporate:

  • Analysis of combustion efficiencies for base production – tonnes per/hr. against time temperature recovery period
  • Tailored comprehensive health check of furnace and furnace control system
  • Overhaul and cleaning of combustion components such as burners and blowers including filters
  • Checking and setting of air & gas pressures to all burners
  • Flue gas and system analysis (complete report)

Our Programmed Maintenance Service provides customers with peace of mind that the galvanizing plant is consistently functioning efficiently, safely, and reliably. This structured program is custom designed to work with all types and sizes of systems and KTE technicians are highly experienced and qualified within their fields.

Production Support 

Priority Remote Support Service

Provides vital commercial benefits by:

  • Having a knowledgeable and experienced 3rd party technician provides regular, independent reviews of the system performance
  • Minimising equipment downtime and production losses
  • Reducing safety hazards
  • Maximising efficiency and productivity of the furnace
  • Extending asset productive/economic life
  • Reducing the costs associated with “emergency” repair and maintenance

Our Priority Remote Support Services provides clients with 24/7 telephone access to our experienced technicians who will be able to remotely investigate and assist resolve the issues being faced:

The service includes:

  • 24 Hours – 7 days per week Remote Technical Support
  • Hotline access through a dedicated phone line to KTE technicians (only available to PRSS customers)
  • Remote access for online fault finding and resolution
  • eWON Subscription for 12 months
  • Fortnightly check by KTE technician that eWON is connected and operational
  • Monthly check of system parameters and settings by KTE technician
  • Documentation of system parameters and settings after each review saved in KTE control system
  • Reporting to the customer of any noted variations from optimal
  • Uploading of current / enhanced software
  • Configuring of Variable Speed Drives
  • Tuning of PID settings for optimising production
  • Tuning of combustion operating parameters for furnace optimisation

Kettle Inspection & Pumping Service

KTE can assist in extending the useful life of galvanizing kettles by undertaking kettle inspections, pump outs, repairs and pump back services. These services include removing molten zinc and performing ultrasonic testing to detect and identify any eroded areas of the inside walls of the kettle.

The KTE service includes:

  • Developing a detailed plan to undertake the work with minimal downtime
  • Providing a detailed quotation for all requirements
  • Preparing the site for safe and efficient works
  • Pumping molten zinc from the kettle into Molten Zinc Holding Vessels
  • Performing visual inspection of kettle internals
  • Performing ultrasound thickness testing in fine resolution around reported or known eroded areas and mapped out repair
  • Performing ultrasound thickness testing of larger resolution to remaining internal area of kettle walls
  • Placing preheat thermocouples into kettle
  • Preheating kettle in preparation for molten zinc pump over
  • Pumping back molten zinc after stacking of zinc completed
As part of the complete service KTE provides the following equipment and personnel:

  • Molten Zinc Pumping Units
  • 80 m/t Electric Zinc Holding Vessels
  • Transfer piping
  • Gas preheating equipment for transfer piping
  • Welding wire/rods
  • All experienced personnel to supervise and perform the above tasks.
  • All Personal Protection Equipment for KTE staff.

KTE’s Ultrasound kettle inspection unit will test kettle wall and report accurately.

  • Once tested our finite analysis can give accurate estimation to determine kettle life and kettle repair
  • Testing takes up to 4 hours and has a +/- 1mm accuracy

KTE Equipment includes:

  • 4x portable molten zinc furnaces with a capacity of 80mt
  • Our pumping system displaces 80 tonnes per 15 minutes enabling testing & repair to take place within 24 hours
Operations and Production Services


  • Pre-treatment encapsulation
  • Full range of pre-treatment chemicals
  • Pre-treatment tanks
  • Chemical dosing and management system
  • Exhaust air and fume scrubbers
  • Flux filter systems

    Metals & Alloys Trading & Supply

    • Zinc
    • Aluminium
    • Hega alloy
    • Nickel
    • Waste metals